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Make Money with your Quadcopter Drone with Camera

The current surge in technology is making it very easy for just about anyone to get there hands on a small unmanned aerial system, speaking of those fun sized helicopters and other aircraft we have seen distributed during the recent holiday seasons.

Not only is it now economically feasible to obtain one of these contraptions, but the ease of maneuverability that these drones possess makes just about anyone capable of becoming an experienced RC pilot in very little time.

But the advantages don’t end there, the technology behind modern photography is also on the rise and these smaller, sharper, more powerful cameras are being fitted to the drones and effectively opening up a viable profession for those with an eye for creativity and skyward inclination.

If you are looking for a excellent way to enjoy your drone with camera and even make money with your quadcopter drone, read on to discover what lucrative hobby these UAV’s can be.

1. Aerial Surveillance

Aerial surveying was once the job of pilots and helicopter pilots and required many years of study and experience to be entrusted with the such an expensive piece of machinery like an aircraft. But aircraft has come a long way since then.

Now the aerial surveying in the fields of archaeology, cartography, topography and other studies and sciences that require a bird's eye view on the area is possible for a small UAV operator to cover in full. Digital photogrammetric mapping is rapidly absorbing those who are experienced in handling a quadcopter drone with camera as this is far more economical than fueling an airplane or helicopter to accomplish this task.

2. YouTube Channel

If you think your work is worthy of public recognition, try posting it online and seeing how far that can go. You Tubers who have setup a popular YouTube channel can monetize their popularity. What better way than with some highly impressive landscapes and aerial footage of your beautiful corner of the world?

3. Competitive Intelligence

Aerial footage and reconnaissance is the best way to get a heads up on the competition, this can be applied to just about any competition as well. There is a market for information on the size and capacity of operations, number of employees, expansions in progress as well as many other more specific tidbits of information. Not long ago this was only available at the prohibitive rates of aircraft fueling and professional pilots, now a quadcopter drone with cameras are battery operated and can be flown with a Iphone.

4. Delivery Services

Many modern suppliers are including a commercial delivery service that uses drones to take ordered goods right to the clients door — it may not have panned out for them (or some of the others) who have attempted this form of service, but it is growing in popularity, especially in small scales, and many drones are being used to carry products from place to place.

5. Feature Films

The film industry is also looking for the deft skills of a master maneuverer who can operate theses multi-rotor aircraft, especially the larger sort capable of hauling heavy film equipment into the air and delivering high quality footage in the process.

The reason is obvious enough, it's a lot more economical to do the bird’s eye footage with one of these drones than with the cranes, jibs, dollies and spear mounted cameras that they used in days of yore. If you clock enough experience to put together an impressive portfolio, you could be the next biggest thing since Steven Spielberg.

6. News Footage

Journalists and citizens alike are clamouring on the newly released capacity to report the news from up there. There have been several ground breaking reports that have taken the news world by storm that were captured by a simple hobbyist and their trusty drone with camera.

And the world is a mess by the way, we have civil upheaval over here, dirty politicians over there and then there are the accidents and disasters that can’t leave us alone for a second — and it all has to be documented because people really want to see this.

UAV’s allow a safe working distance from which to report on very dangerous events as they unravel. And then of course there is lots of money to be made by chasing celebrities around and getting some classic shots of them with their sticky fingers in all sorts of pies. It’s dirty work to be sure, but someone needs to get paid.

7. Precision Agriculture

Quadcopter Drones have seen extensive use recently in the fields of crop surveillance in the agricultural industry. They are most often used to replace the need for walking through the fields and examining the crops up close.

This will require a special kind of drone with camera that is capable of infrared imaging, these highly specialized cameras have frequencies that allow them to ascertain the health and other conditions of the crops, allowing for closer inspections to be done with precision and successfully economizing the work load.

Farmers who have used this type of long range recon have reported and significant increase in crop yield, task efficiency and overall savings.

8. Resort and Hotel Advertising

Many modern businesses can make good use of someone to provide them aerial footage and will barter services and goods in exchange for quality work. Two of the biggest opportunities here are the real estate and hotels/Resort industries.

There is a heavy competition between private industries in this sector, and it often comes down to who can present themselves the best. This is where the services of a reputable UAV operator and a drone with camera can open many doors and even five star accommodations in exchange for flying around creatively.

9. Wedding Videos

If you are ready for fierce competition, the wedding industry is full of opportunities to capture the big event from all the best angles. This can be an especially enjoyable task as there is plenty of display and pageantry to capture and work done on weddings always glistens in a photographer's portfolio.